BDPA Future

Leaders of the future

In early January 2017, I was approached by Terry Morris, the President of the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), Indianapolis. He was looking to run for President of the National BDPA and wanted me to construct a website for his campaign. The Black Data Processing Associates is a great organization with a rich history and legacy of creating and promoting opportunities for diverse IT professionals across all industries. In addition, BDPA has prioritized the development and exposure of technology to youth around the country through programs like HSCC, IT Showcase, YTC, and Mobile App Showcase. These two areas of emphasis have combined to enable the organizations “Classroom to Boardroom” motto and service continuum.


Information Architecture – 

When we first sat down to go over what he wanted his site to reflect, we did a small card sorting exercise to start narrowing down the site’s Information Architecture (IA). We met at the Indianapolis Public Library downtown and went over a 30,000ft view of what was important to him and his campaign. Knowing that this site was to serve as a hub for information on his planned initiatives, we ended up narrowing down the IA to a succinct structure that met all his users needs. I chose card sorting as my User-centered design technique because it enabled me to be much more scientific in diagnosing what was most important for his site. Since he was running for a position of power and influence, it was extremely important that I figured out the best way to deliver the information to his users in the fastest and most intuitive way possible.


Menu & Navigation- 

Working off of the data collected for the card sorting exercise that we did, I was able to orchestrate a wireframe for the menu layout. Because we were able to narrow down the menu items in the IA to “Home, Candidates, Initiatives, and Contact”  I began constructing the navigation. When it came to conceptualizing how the menu would work, I wanted to do something minimal, but sleek. However, I had to account for functionality as well because I knew there would potentially be a video playing in the homepage slider. Knowing this would be a future-state feature, I thought that having a retractable top navigation would be the best option. Since the video was going to play immediately upon landing on the site I thought a traditional “side nav” or an “overlay nav” would not work well. The initial feedback was that this was a very modern take on displaying site navigation and the client loved it! This was my first attempt at implementing a “Top Nav” in a site, but I thought this was the perfect use case for this type of design.


Conclusion –

For this study, I wanted to focus mainly on Information Architecture and how I went about solving it for this these Professionals running for office. Providing users a simple path to the information they needed to know was of utmost importance. As aforementioned, designing for the informational video that plays on load was also a challenge, but I demonstrated how I synthesized the data from the card sort to solve for that.

Terry Morris and Michael Wulf now stand in front of the proverbial bridge to the future. Their choices are to stare at it, turn around, or move forward. They are branding thier movement #BDPAFuture. As candidates for President and Vice


  • User Experience
  • Card Sorting
  • UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Development